Coaching is a profession that’s older than any other current profession. In fact, in ancient Greece, the teacher/student relationship was virtually identical to what we now refer to as coaching.

One person, an expert about a specific subject, teaches another on what they know. They share their life experience in the hope that the younger generation will be wiser and benefit from their knowledge.

In many ways, coaches from today follow the same tradition. Whether it’s sports coaches, health coaches, or even life coaches. In fact, life coaches are perhaps the most like their 2,000 years old counterparts.

It’s a fascinating profession, and something anyone can do, as long as they have some type of life experience to share. But what are the benefits for the coach? What is a life coach salary for example?

What Is A Life Coach Salary For Example?

First, let’s answer the question: What is a life coach and learn what a life coach does. Life coaching is different than mentoring or therapy. Those last two professions deal with more abstract concepts, whereas a life coach typically deals with very applied techniques. A life coach will give direct advice about a number of subjects, to help someone get beyond a blockage or obstacle they may have.

Life Coach Salary Can Be Very Attractive!

These subjects can include relationship, stress management, career planning, finance, and so on. Whereas a therapist may talk about stress as something to get rid of, and talk about some well known concepts, the life coach will address specifically what troubles the client, and give examples from his or her own life as to how to accomplish that goal.

The work of a life coach can be very fulfilling, and never boring. The typical work day includes both one on one sessions and group sessions, sometimes in front of an audience. Life coach salaries can vary a lot, in fact there’s few industries where the income is so spread out. This is because a life coach is based on his or her reputation. Here is info on how to become a life coach and begin a career in the field.

It makes sense, since all the advices they give are supposed to come from their own experience, so if the life coaches haven’t proven that they know what they’re talking about, the clients won’t line up very far. You can become a life coach as a freelance job, putting out ads and getting clients to come and see you.

This is usually the easiest way to start, but also the lowest salary. With that kind of work it’s hard to get $30,000 a year. However, once you have some experience under your belt, and perhaps a Life Coach Certification, you can be referred to as a guru, someone who really knows the ins and out of life coaching.

Then, there’s coaching conglomerates that often have PR people to organize large sessions, and that’s when salary expectations can go up. A celebrity life coach that goes on TV can make over $100,000 a year.

It’s hard to know whether life coaching is a job for you. Certainly a life coach salary can be attractive, especially at the guru level, but you need a lot of charisma to make it there, since people need to trust you. So in the end only you know if you’re ready for this job, and if it’s something that appeals to you. If you need payroll services for your personal life coaching job you can get help from here. :

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